Case Studies of Alesam MedPack use in Society

Part of the power of the Alesam Medpack is that it can collect and display information in a user friendly manner. There are many reasons that a private individual may purchase a pack. Some examples are highlighted below:

Q?Patient with high Blood Pressure

A patient with high blood pressure purchases a Medpack to monitor his blood pressure and heart rate over a prolonged period of time. All of the data is collected on the Mobile Device and is presented to the Doctor at weekly/monthly review meetings, and in the case of an emergency. Medication and lifestyle changes are noted so that correlations can be noticed in the graphical representations. This in depth monitoring increases the patient’s ability to successfully manage his condition.

Q?Family MedPack for Emergencies

An extended family of 10 living together in a house in Lagos is always back and forth to hospital. They get desensitised to the plight of other family members as throughout the year one or other of them is always unwell. A young member of the family suffers from Malaria, and by the time they eventually get her to hospital she is critical and dies. They decide to purchase an Alesam MedPack to ensure that they can monitor when people are unwell and can notice when someone is particularly unwell.

Q?Diabetes Patient Blacks Out

A man comes into hospital having blacked out. It becomes apparent that he is diabetic and will need to monitor his condition. He purchases an Alesam MedPack to enable him to keep a record of his diet and Blood Glucose Levels to ensure that he stays on top of his condition. He feels he has increased control over the disease and is less afraid for the future.

Nigeria’s former Minister of Health Babatunde Osotimehin has said more than 4 million Nigerians are suffering from diabetes and that 50% + goes undiagnosed. This situation will improve with widespread dispersal of the pack and so this is a Nation we would like to target with this intervention.