Ongoing Projects

Alesam are running global activities to develop and deliver solutions that are perfectly aligned to the needs of the respective societies. Each culture is different, and each setting starts from a different stage, but our goal is always the same.

“to uplift societal health understanding and transform health practices to enable incredible health promotion strategies and optimal illness outcomes”

We are delivering appropriate products and equipment into the most remote places on earth, and delivering training and attitude transformation in healthcare professionals in some of the richest Urban areas. Our reach is wide and deep, with our programmes impacting on societies from East to West, North to South.

Exciting Opportunities

At Alesam we are always on the look out for experienced healthcare professionals with an ability to inspire patients. With the variety of projects we are running we are able to furnish our staff with exciting opportunities around the globe, opportunities in which they can make a real difference, opportunities where they can grow as human beings and contribute great things to the world.

Our Clients

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    Challenging widely held beliefs of a population can be one of the...
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    Educating the Cambodian people has been a joy. Our blend of products,...
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    UK Distribution
    Our UK Distribution of healthcare products has continued apace in 2011, building...
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    The introduction of telehealth into a society is an exciting opportunity to...