What we do

The management team at Alesam has formulated and developed an intervention system that can be mapped into developed and developing countries. The system incorporates a blend of consultancy, education, and product launches designed to synergise with the population and impact directly on key national problems.

Alesam gradually provides the whole population with an enlightened understanding of health, which transforms the way they perceive illness and medical intervention, and empowers them with the tools and knowledge to make timely medical interventions.

Alesam develops and delivers strategy to deliver the tools and education where they are needed, with the might of an integrated technology infrastructure to produce the Nationwide visibility required to plan and implement health policy that is relevant, responsive and sustainable.

Our policies enjoin the private sector with the public in joint health care initiatives that places the burden of responsibility and funding on both in partnership. A joined up approach that delivers real national impact through the utilisation of programmes designed to integrate with and build upon existing systems, infrastructure, understanding and processes. .

Formalising healthcare processes that work in the UK, and empowering staff with the knowledge and skills to improve their performance, increases job satisfaction, job role definition, training and confidence in Nurses and support staff. Increased visibility on the ground and at a Federal Level enables local and national policy based on real and measurable data.

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Work team

  • James Cummings
    James is a Masters Degree Educated Psychologist, specialising in transformation and change. His background is both National and International with work in Africa, Europe and the UK....
  • post-image01
    Laura Stenger
    Laura is an educator and trainer specialising in healthcare. Her background as a Medical Doctor enables her to develop and deliver rich training that encapsulates all the key medical and...
  • gallery02
    Ann Grosh
    Ann is a business analyst with a focus on technology development and incorporation into healthcare processes. Her deep understanding of technology allows her to advise us on business critical systems...